Reply All
Podcast Identity

Reply All is an investigative podcast exploring the mysteries and idiosyncrasies of the internet. As co-host PJ Vogt described it, “We’re like losing a penny and calling the SWAT team to help you search.”

Reply All’s twisted journeys through the web and the physical world are embodied with a palette of alien landscapes, bright and bold, but not without a sense of danger. Embedded in their valleys, caves, and mountain ranges are glowing cubes, lone pixels punched into 3D. These are the droplets of truth and knowledge at the heart of each Reply All narrative. The show’s wordmark is drawn from a screen capture of the podcasts's URL, just as it appears in your browser window. The new brand is rooted in the landscapes of the web, littered with the artifacts and textures of stories yet to be told.

Agency: GrandArmy