SeatGeek Campaign

SeatGeek is a web and mobile based ticket selling platform. “Let’s Go!” is the call to action that connects fans with the experiences they crave. This simple phrase populates the entire campaign, re-skinning itself to reflect every genre, field, and subculture that SeatGeek sells tickets for. The typographic system adapts to its context, applying itself on taglines of different lengths while maintaining a consistent style. Content showcasing punk show tickets are collaged like a Sex Pistols cover, while basketball tickets are always accompanied by jumbotron-esque bitmap typography. In essence, SeatGeek becomes the biggest fan, with the most knowledge of whatever world it’s representing.

A robust system of lettering pieces is complimented by a custom supporting typeface called Encore Sans, featuring rounded interior curves to project a bold, but warm voice for SeatGeek. An icon set and a photographic treatment of light leaks and grain ensure that all of SeatGeek’s communications appear to come from the same world: shot off-the-cuff, from the cheering crowd. All these tools come together to form the Let’s Go campaign, as bold and loud as a heavy metal show.  

Agency: GrandArmy
Design: Ang Church, Tristan Dubin
Type Design: Lauren King